Terms of use

Definition of Terms
  1. Agreement - this terms and conditions agreement which you agree to when you access the Nextcoursework.com website and make use of any of its services.
  2. The Company - Nextcoursework.com, its website, its staff, its affiliates.
  3. The Customer - anyone who accesses the Company website and orders products or services offered on that website.
  4. Order - any request by a user for products or services, which is formalized by the completion of an order form, paid for, and submitted to the Company for production.
  5. Product - a piece of writing that is delivered to Customer who has ordered it and that conforms to that customer’s specific details as specified on the Company order form.
  6. Messaging System - a software system that establishes communication between individual customers and their writers and customer support agents.
  7. Revision - a request by Customer for changes in the delivered final draft of a product or service, according to the provisions of the Company Revision Policy.
  8. Support Department/Staff - any or all Company agents that receive inquiries, questions, or issue communication from Customer and answer/resolve them.
  9. Writer - a contracted professional who takes orders as assigned and completes those orders, delivering them to the Customer for approval and download.
  10. Credit Balance - an amount that exists in the Customer’s personal account to be used against the cost of future orders.
  11. Affiliate Program - a program that rewards the Customer for referring other customers who then place orders with the Company.
  12. Discounts - special pricing that provides savings to both new and returning customers.
Customer Registration and Order Placement

The process for registration and placing an order is as follows:

  • If a user of the Company website wishes to place an order, he must first register at the time of order placement. This includes providing a name, email address, and phone number, so that the Company may contact the customer is necessary.
  • The Customer orders products or services by completing the order form on the Company website and providing all of the details for the Company to assign a writer.
  • The Customer will be assigned an ID number and receive a personal account page that will be used to communicate with the writer and with the customer support department. Note: There are also phone and live chat options for contacting customer support.
  • Once the order is analyzed, a writer is assigned. That writer will use the Customer’s account page for communication and supply drafts for the Customer’s approval.
  • The Customer may maintain only one profile as they use the website and place their orders. If multiple profiles are found to exist, the Company reserves the right to consolidate these into a single profile.
Payment Procedures
  • The Company calculates the total order cost as the order form is completed.
  • The Customer receives a final price prior to submission.
  • The Customer is expected to make the payment at the time of order submission.
  • The Customer has several options for payment – any major credit card, or wire transfer. 
  • No order will be processed and no writer will be assigned until payment has been made and verified. If a payment should be declined, it is up to the Customer to resolve the issue. 
  • Payments are processed by a third-party SSL-certified processor. The Company does not collect or hold any financial information of any customer.
  • There are installment payments available. The Customer should contact the customer support department to discuss the details. The order must total $500 or more. The first amount is due before the order will be processed. As each section is delivered, payment for the next section is due.
  • The Company provides a discount program to which all Customers have access.
  • Available discounts are available to all orders that exceed $25.
  • Discounts are applied during the ordering process, by placing the discount code in the proper field.
  • A “new customer” discount can be applied only one time.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other special pricing offers. It is up to the customer to determine whether the discount or the special pricing is the better option.
Personal Account Credit

Credits are the mean of payment at the Company website. A Customer transfers funds to their Personal Account and those funds convert in credits. One credit is equal to £1. The credits may be used to offset the cost of any future orders.

Personal credit balances may not be redeemed for cash. They may only be used toward future orders. 

Important Details of the Ordering and Delivery Process

The Customer is responsible to become aware of the following details for the ordering, production, and delivery process:

  1. Once an order is submitted and paid for, the Company may contact the Customer for further clarification of order details. The Customer is responsible for responding in a timely manner to all requests for clarification. 
  2. Pages/volume of an order. The size of an order is tabulated by a number of pages to be produced. There are 275 words per page, double-spaced, and 550 words per page, single-spaced.
  3. Order costs are determined by the details on the Order Form. Should the Customer need to change the order details, he must do so through customer support. There may be additional fees applied if the order details add additional work for the writer. If additional fees apply, the order will not progress until payment has been made.
  4. Tracking of progress occurs through the Customer personal account page. The Customer may speak with his writer or customer support directly via this account. Customer agrees that he will check his account page often, so as to provide answers to questions posed by his writer or messages from the customer support department.
  5. The Customer is responsible for providing names of resources to be used when required and for uploading those resources for the writer. Should the Customer fail to do this, there may be delays for which the Company is not responsible.
  6. Progress may be monitored through the messaging system on the personal account page.
  7. The final product is delivered to the Customer on his personal account page. It is the Company’s responsibility to deliver the product by the Customer-designated deadline. The Customer is responsible for downloading the product in a timely manner, and any technical difficulties in doing so on the Customer’s end are not the responsibility of the Company.
  8. The Customer must review the downloaded product in a timely manner. He must then “approve,” so that it is made available for further download on his device. If the Customer desires revisions to the final product, he must contact his writer and request them.
Product Use

Products produced and delivered to the Customer are to be used for reference or as samples. The Customer should not submit a delivered product as his own work.

Affiliate Program

The Customer may receive credit balances by referring friends who then become customers. The Customer should read detail about this program on the Customer’s Personal Account.

Dissertation Services

A dissertation is a lengthy and complex research piece. The Customer will be asked to provide more detail upon ordering a dissertation and provide a reasonable amount of time for a researcher/writer to be located and to complete the project.

The Customer must submit deadline dates for each chapter of a dissertation. The Customer must approve of each chapter as it is delivered before the writer will move forward to the next chapter. 

The Customer may arrange for installment payments by chapter. Once a chapter is completed and delivered, the Customer must make payment for the next installment before the writer will proceed.


Miscellaneous Provisions

This Terms and Conditions agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Nextcoursework.com company and the Customer. It supersedes any previous agreement documents or verbal agreements, and all provisions are binding upon both parties.
If any single provision of this Terms and Agreements is deemed unenforceable by any local jurisdiction, all remaining provisions remain in effect.

Amendments to This Terms and Conditions Agreement

The Company reserves the right to change this Terms and Conditions Agreement at any time. If this should occur, the Company will inform users on its website. It is the customer’s responsibility to regularly check this Terms and Conditions Agreement regularly to remain advised of any new provisions.