Cookie Policy

What are Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technology?

These are files that are downloaded onto whatever device you have used to access the website. They allow us to “track” how you are using our site, our pages, and other features. 

We have these technologies in place so that we can remember you when you return to our site, as well as to gather data from all users, in order to improve your on-site experience.

There are several types of cookies that we may use, and here are their definitions:

  1. Persistent Cookies: These will stay on your computer permanently (unless you delete them). These tell us what your preferences are, based on your behavior on the website.
  2. Session Cookies: These cookies give us information about your current visit, and they disappear once you leave our site.
  3. First-Party Cookies: This kind of cookies is set by our website. When you return to our site, you will see that we remember you and the pages you visited, the questions you asked, etc.
  4. Third-Party Cookies: These are set by third parties. If you link to a third-party from our site, that party will also place cookies on your device.
  5. Web Beacon: This is a specific technology that works with cookies to remember you when you return. They also gather anonymous data on our visitors and users so that we can improve our site content and navigation.
  6. Other Technologies: These are files that are shared between browser sessions, most commonly including Flash and HTML5. These are not maintained by your browser, but, rather, on your device or via an app you are using. These technologies do not store any information on you.
Cookie Consent

When you enter our site, you will be informed that we use cookies. You have the right to reject their use. However, you need to know that you will not be able to use many features of our site because they will not function correctly. Some website cookies will require that you provide certain information – name and email address, and user preferences. This is true when you decide to opt-in to our email notifications or to place an order. That cookie is activated each time you visit our site or any new page on our site that you have not visited before.

Cookies and Technologies We Use and What They Are Used For

Cookies and other technology we use are there so that our website features function properly. Here is some further detail.

Some are necessary because they let a user navigate through our site and access areas that might be gated (e.g., an order form). We don’t use them to market or advertise to you. And if you should block them, you will experience pages that don’t load correctly, problems interacting with our Support Department, etc.

Performance cookies are used to let us know how our navigation and pages are functioning. These do not collect any information about you. They are used for us to determine whether the site and all of its features are operating as planned, and to track anonymous data on how our site is used, where they may be problems, etc. Third-party cookies are those that are placed by other websites. We do have an advertisement and offers from other sites. And when you access those from our site, there will be cookies from those sites downloaded onto your device.

Blocking Cookies

You always have the option to block cookies, either through your browser or by not accepting cookies when you enter our website.

If you choose to block all cookies from our site and from any other site, you can do so through your browser. You can accomplish this by using the links below:

You need to remember that once you block cookies, the websites you access will not function properly, and you will not be able to perform all of the navigation and take advantage of all of the features that a site offers.

You can delete cookies after each use of our website. But new cookies will be added each time you visit.

If you have any questions about cookies, beacons, or any other technology we may use, we urge you to contact our Customer Support Department and get more detailed answers and information.