Money Back Guarantee

An Order is Cancelled

The following details explain the type of refund the Customer will receive if he cancels an order:

  • When the Customer cancels an order before a writer has been assigned, a full refund will be provided.
  • If a writer has been assigned, the Customer will receive a 70% refund of the initial cost. The remaining 30% is for processing costs and analysis and initial that the writer may have already done.
  • If a writer has been assigned and 50% or more of the delivery timeframe has passed, the Customer will receive a 50% refund.

Please note that should an order be canceled at any time during the production process, the Company owns the writing that has been done.

Late Delivery

The Customer always submits a deadline date with their orders. Occasionally, an emergency situation may delay the delivery date.

When the delay is the fault of the Company, the refund amount will be calculated based upon the length of delay the Customer has experienced.

Refunds for delayed delivery will not be provided in the following situations:

  • Technical difficulties on the Customer’s end that prevented on-time delivery.
  • The Customer fails to make the payment, provide necessary resources, or respond in a timely fashion to questions from his writer or customer support.
  • The Customer changes instructions during the process of production, and those changes require additional work on the part of the writer.

Note: If the Customer extends a deadline on his own, the new deadline will be the one that the Company will target.

Claims of Poor Quality

Should the Customer place a request for a refund based upon dissatisfaction with the quality of a delivered product, the Customer must contact the Customer Support Department and provide a detailed accounting of the quality issues. At this point, the Quality Control team will investigate the claim and make a determination.

  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to have undergone the process of revision requests when the product was originally delivered.
  • No claim for a refund based upon a poor grade will be considered. As is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions agreement, all products are for reference purposes, to be used as samples by the Customer as he crafts his own product.
  • If the claim relates to plagiarism, we require a Turnitin report that shows the plagiarized content. The Turnitin report is the only one that we will accept.
Order Extras/Writer Preferences
  1. Any purchased “extras” are not subject to refund, except in the case of a one-page summary or a plagiarism report, if they were not delivered with the final draft.
  2. The Customer may select an individual writer with whom they have worked before. They indicate this by identifying the writer by an ID number on the order form. The Customer understands that there is not a complete guarantee that he will receive his preferred writer who may not be available. In this situation, the most qualified writer will be assigned to the project. If a preferred writer is unavailable, and a refund is requested due to this, that refund will only be in the form of a credit balance.
  3. There are no refunds provided if the Customer should fail to apply a discount offer at the time of ordering.
Refund Request Process

It is the responsibility of the Customer to contact the Customer Support Department with a refund request within two months after order delivery.

Once the request has been submitted, with the details of the reasons, the claim will be investigated by our Quality Control team, and a decision will be made within five days and the Customer notified.

Should the investigation team require additional information, it is the responsibility of the Customer to provide it in a timely manner.

Processing of Refunds

If a refund has been authorized, the Company will process it within five business days. It should be noted that any bank transfer delays or fees are not the responsibility of the Company.

If the banking processing fee is £10 or more, and if the refund is a small amount, we will provide a credit balance rather than a cash refund. The Customer can use this credit to offset the cost of a future order.