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There are many instances when investigations designed to find someone online are necessary. Some of these instances include when the individual is hiding or when he or she does not have a social media page that is active and easily reachable. In the case below, the people being sought are those that have to be compensated by a class lawsuit that they had filed two years prior. Although it might at times seem impossible, there are always pieces of information that can be used to trace the location or contact of an individual being sought.

Flynn Flamms

Flynn Flamms is a person that did not have any reason not to pursue the dreams that he always wanted. Thanks to the inheritance, he might be actualizing on his dream of buying a cabin house near a lake. As such, any listings made of lake houses around the same time he disappeared could be followed up, and those involved could be contacted. Today, such listings are posted online in attempts to try and get a client directly by real estate agents. If the agent does not want to identify his clients and it looks like one of them might be Mr. Flamms, it would make sense to go there in person.

Another source of information has to be related to Flamms’ love for aviation. The Cesna 150 is the fifth most produced civilian plane ever. As such, it had many users, and it would make sense for Flamms to be in a fanatic club (Golec & Wolfe, 1995). In that case, information from the clubs that he likes and their events could eventually lead to him. Similarly, if he is not on social media, research could be conducted on the general web about the Cesna 150 clubs in Michigan or Calgary. Once they are identified, it would then make sense to get to one of their meetings and look for Flamms there.

Stuart Pedd

Mr. Pedd is an individual that is well known by the authorities. For that reason, police records should be the best place to start searching for him. Since he had free time ever since losing his job, chances are that he went back to automobile matters. This can be done by googling the different accidents and offenses. If there were any court cases, they will be listed on the State’s court website which means that it will be possible to know his whereabouts from there.

Roman Z. Hills

At the time of disappearance, Hills was young and had only entered the job market. Because he had not worked for long, after the incident it is probable that he went on to get another job in the same profession. A practicing accountant inside the U.S. has to be licensed, and that information is in the public domain. For instance, one can see what state he is practicing in and the name of the company he is working for.

Similarly, he is an elected official in a professional accounting society. For that reason, the specific society can be found online by typing his name and looking amongst the many communities that exist. If they are active and have an office or upcoming events, it should be easy to single out the individual and contact him.

Another way that he can be traced is through his love for inventing gadgets and mechanical devices. An invention such as a warning system has parts that can only be bought from specific companies. For instance, the system had to have a sensor or a CCTV camera which he could have purchased online from around the place that he lived. By searching the vendors online, it can be possible to contact them and try to trace the individual from there.

Bylow Selhigh

Bylow Selhigh seems to be a bothersome neighbor. He not only ran a business from his home but was also sexually perverted. As such, it is possible for there to be complaints from his neighbors via neighborhood watch websites and social media pages. To get them, the search has to happen in Michigan. Although he is on probation, there is a significant chance that it has not stopped him and he is still active.

Sonny Dalite

At the moment, the individual could be depressed and experiencing what could be the end of his life. The only reason that he was alive is because he had had health insurance from his company. He had sold everything he had to save his health, and losing his job must have been the last stroke (Hess & Orthmann, 2010). For that reason, he could be focusing on his Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Maple Trees of which he was the founding member. At that age and with the perception of one nearing his end, many people indulge in activities that are focused on improving the society as a whole. As such, that would be the easiest way to find him.

Alternatively, it is possible that he went looking for another job in maintenance with the same deal as he had before. Although he was old and frail, he had 35 years’ experience which could be hardly matched in his state. For that reason, an internet search should be done to show the various organizations in the state that are hiring. Some of the websites do not take down such advertisements, and if the job advert looks like something that Sonny would have needed, then it might be easy to trace him from there.

Sue Shee

One of the easiest ways to reach Sue Shee would be through her husband. It would make sense to research online for the names of local elementary schools and then their former assistant principals. School websites could contain this information as homage to the leaders. From that search, it can be possible to get the contacts of the husband whether from the site itself or from physically going to the institution. If the two are still married, then they will be together. She also bred AKC bloodhounds actively which could be the most convenient alternate means of income after losing her job.

For that reason, one should look for websites from the area that advertise these animals. Although she might not be the only one selling them, chances are that this is a small community, and it can thus be possible to trace her (Hess, & Orthmann, 2010). Similarly, it is possible that she decided to go for her dream job which was a freelance investigative reporter. To do that, she must have created a profile at one of the many freelancing websites. As such, a simple Google search of her name, title and state she is from would suffice.

Darren Errand

Darren enjoyed making money, and that might have been the first thing he did after getting out. His real estate business was already making money, and thus it is possible that he indulged. For that reason, a search should be done on the property listings that were put up around the time they stopped working. The real estate community in any state is also usually small, and the bigger sellers might have worked once or twice with players like Darren. For that reason, it might be possible to search common sellers and use them to trace and contact Darren.

It can also be possible to trace him back through the OSHA website which posts the complaints they receive. Although a significant amount of time had passed since he last made those complaints to OSHA, chances are that if he went on to a similar job, he has made a complaint or two. It can thus be easy to get his contact information from the account making these complaints. Similarly, it is possible that he did not change any of his contact information and therefore, getting them even from 2 years back could still lead to him.

Rubb R. Bann

Ms. Bann can still be easily traced through his brother in-law, Drew Down, the city manager of Molehill, OH. Since he is a public figure, it is possible to get information from him about Bann. If he cannot help or is inaccessible, the research should get information about his ex-husband and get information about his ex and her tendencies.

Another feasible way of getting to her is through her enthusiasm in the collection of the antique Model-A Fords. There are very few such vehicles, and those who own them belong to different clubs (Golec & Wolfe, 1995). The process of restoring these vehicles is complicated, and the pleasure of showing them off is paramount which means that one must be surrounded by people of similar interests for them to work. By searching for these clubs, it might be possible to get the names of their members online or through contacting their administration, and then find Bann through one of them.

Reid N. Wright

Being a Michigan native and living there for such a long time means that the state is his home. He has friends and family in that state who might know him as Slip Slyden (Hess & Orthmann, 2010). It would make sense to search for the names of his three friends, Mark, Flip, and Johnny. If they can be found, then they can tell the investigation where Wright is. However, there are also chances that he went on to search for another similar job within the state.

He had a degree in engineering and was experienced in the profession since he managed a research laboratory. Another web search could target the local implementation stores that have auctions on Saturday. Since he is a commoner there, even if he is not present, it is possible that some people who regularly attend the event will recognize him.

Contra Versee

One of the easiest ways to get to Versee would be through her step-sister who worked as a state employee. State workers have their information published in the public domain, and thus it can be possible to get their contacts from these websites. If that does not work, the research will have to involve her name as an important secretary in some of the firms there.

Debra Fitzwell

To get to Debra, her name should be searched along with the name of the most common national charities that are supposed to end world hunger. For people her age, work becomes routine, dull and uninspiring and it is only through activities such as giving that they feel valuable to the world. It should be possible to find the name of the husband by searching for medical doctors with the same name in the state. These names could have contacts from which it can be possible to remove those that are not Debra’s husband.

Their daughter is a high achiever that is mostly in the public eye and could be easily contacted. Being a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators means that by accessing their website, one can get information about the time and place of their meetings. Similarly, those who participate in the administration of the national HR conventions where Wendy has spoken could be asked for her contacts. From there, what remains is just calling them.

Blox N. Shaypes

One of the first searches online should be of the upscale house that he owned in Fatcity, MI. For starters, such homes as what he held are few in Fatcity since it is upscale. Searching in local real estate directories, it can be possible to find out just how many Blox N. Shaypes’ owned homes there (Golec & Wolfe, 1995). From there, the investigation can get the address, if not his contact information. A trip to the house could be necessary so that those present there can give the whereabouts of the owner.

The next search would be that of local bars that were there near the chemical plant. By knowing which ones they are, it would then make sense to search for the names and details of their owners. With that information, it will be possible to contact them about Shaypes. Even if it has been a long time since they saw him, they could still provide information about his last whereabouts which could lead to finding him.

Hugh Munn Bean

Since Hugh Bean had a passion for counseling, it could be the easiest way to get to him. In today’s world of the internet, the fastest way that he can get to people in trouble that need counseling is by having his website or social media pages. On the same site where he posted about the sex life of ping pong balls, he could have added another publishing. From that posting, information about him could be easily traced and so can he.

Another possibility could be that he enrolled into the army and became a soldier. From the internet, it might not be that tough to get information about his father, one Sy Coe, who is a colonel in the U.S. Army (Hess & Orthmann, 2010). Being a public servant, information about his contacts will be readily available there. From that, the father could point to where his son is. Although it could be possible to search for Bean’s name in the army’s website directly, that might be tough without his badge number and information such as his division.

Tessy Tootun

It is entirely possible that Tessy went to look for a similar job. Although she wanted to own a pastry shop, she did not have the money. She also spent a lot of money regularly meaning that she could not do so without a job. For that reason, the researchers should find out a similar position that opened up in the state for her. Searching her name alongside her role is important as it will reduce the number of potential targets thus making it easier to zero in the search down to her. The search should be either in Minnesota or Michigan.

Cinda Rella

Since her social security number is known by those who worked with her, it is possible to use it to connect with him. Since the individual is a federal agent, he can use a designated website used by licensed private investigators. With that privilege, it should be smooth and possible to get her contact information and then trace her whereabouts.


Whether an individual wants to be found or is purposefully hiding under the radar, it is possible to find them. In the above case, the workers of a firm that was closed down due to an accident are being sought for compensation for what they went through. They do not have numbers through which they can easily be found, and thus it takes ingenuity to get to them. However, with the internet, even information that might seem minute such as the individual actively collecting antique vehicles could lead to them. In the above case, there are several ways through which it can be possible to get to the individual being sought.


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